Fridge fuzz is a way of life

The LPGA tournament started today. I was expecting to feel one of the following:
1. Overwhelmed
2. Frightened
But none of those things were to be. Darn. It was a quiet day today, with just a pro-am and a qualifying round in the afternoon that didn’t really require my attention. So when I got home I felt like I should DO something…like remove any and all moldy leftovers from my refrigerator. But then I thought better, and sat down to write out this entry. Expect more tomorrow as I embark on my journey to follow tournament director Steve Nieman for the story I am writing. Should produce some humorous fodder for this page.

For those of us who are craving a little FIF love now that the horn-infested greatness is gone, I submit this for your perusal. Looks like one Reese Roper is creating an album. I can’t wait to hear it!


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