From here on out, I will associate The Shins with Jolly Ranchers. At last night’s show, I happened to reach into the front pocket of my purse and pull out a handful of the tasty morsels of sweet sourness. SWEET! I passed them out to the kids in the crowd around me (we were all crammed in like sardines at this point) and popped one in my mouth. Tangy and sweet, just like The Shins’ music. It was one of those experiences where you were enjoying the music with more than just your ears. Even my taste buds got in on the action.

Tonight’s Bible study was incredible. Brandon spoke about change, and how we need to be transformed, not just preaching that people need to stop sinning. People stop sinning if they are transformed. You find out that life is better when you abiding in Christ.

I have this vision of an idea I would like to try at Cornerstone. I want to get people’s stories, about where they’ve come from, not just geographically, but spiritually. I love the idea of drawing from people’s lives and investing in their’s as a form of art.


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