I’ll prolly go to hell for this…

I saw the funniest sight ever in Moe’s today while I was ordering lunch. I walk through the door and what to my wondering eyes did appear but 25 Mormon missionaries chillin’ in Moe’s! I kid you not people! There were probably 20 guys and six girls all noshing on burritos, decked out in white short sleeve shirts and ties, and black skirts for the girls. They even had little nametags that read “Sister So-and-so” and “Brother Whosawhatsit.” Everyone in the line kept eyeing them like they were going to come over any second and try to convert us. Relax people, the Mormons were on lunch break.

If that wasn’t weird enough, there were several groups in Moe’s today, including a table full of firemen and another full of ladies who looked like they just finished playing tennis. I was like, Damn! I forgot my posse!

Then I walked out of Moe’s, only to hear a loud crunching noise. There was a bad wreck out on Cool Springs Boulevard. The Mormons were coming out right behind me, and they all started walking across the parking lot to rubber neck the crash! I hope they were praying or something.

Some days are just too strange for words. I’m going to bed.

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