All the better to see you, my dear…

Tomorrow is Adventure Day! OK, so it’s not too much of an adventure. I’m just going to the beach. But I think God is going to use this as a refreshing time in my life. Lately I’ve been feeling a little lethargic, and I think I can attribute it to summer time blues. It’s hot and gross and just plain no fun right now. I need a good trip to the beach to clear my head and make a fresh start.

I’m taking along my British friend Martyn, who is trying to do some netowrking here in the States, with the possibility of moving here permanently to work. He’s never been to the great Gulf Coast, so it should be an adventure.

More than anything, the pair of us need some sun. The plan is to lay out as much as possible without getting burned. Lots of sunscreen and lots of laying in the pool to prevent sweating like a stuck pig in the blazing Orange Beach heat. Two pasty pale folks hit the beach! The sharks ought to have some fun with that.


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