Back in action

The beach turned out to be loads of fun. We laid out in the sun and ate more than I would in a normal week and told jokes and laughed together. Good times.

Of course, now it’s back to the daily grind of work. Somehow, I’m not excited about it. Or I wasn’t, until I saw my favorite football coach who always gives me the best quotes in the fall. I danced a little jig on the way back to the table as I reveled in the knowledge that the season is not far off. And not just high school season…college season! YES!

Then beyond that is YWAM in January. Well, at least I hope it’s YWAM in January. I’m putting in my application in the next two weeks, and from there, I’ll just have to wait and see. Ultimately, I feel God moving me toward that moment even more. Everything is falling into place. I haven’t found my passport, but I now have the money to be able to purchase it, and get my shots and visit the doctor. God is providing these little things as I pray and seek Him. I’m learning stuff even before I complete my application! God never ceases to amaze me with his care over the little details.


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