Give up the whitewash paint job – Reprise

I’m going about posting all the blogs from my old site. This is an oldie, but a goody, and deserves reposting.

There’s a truth that I’m beginning to learn in my life. Just when I think I have it all together, painting my nice little white church on the outside to make it look good for Jesus, I fall backwards off the ladder into the bushes.

What I fail to realize is that my whitewashed exterior may have fooled the world, but God is not mocked. He comes right up to the back door and pokes his head inside. “Lauren,” he calls. “We need to do something about the smell in here. I think it might be the moldy tradition sitting in the back pew. And I don’t think the pride you keep in the storage closet is helping either. Let me give you a hand, and we’ll drag this stuff out and get rid of it. I promise I won’t say a word. No ‘I told you so.’ This place is going to look brand new when we’re done.”

This is similar to what happens when my mom comes to town. No matter what I have done to clean up the den and the kitchen, she sees the dust on the mantle and the hastily created piles of papers that I should have thrown out. I might kick and scream and mope and drag, but if I just get with it and we take care of everything, I feel 100% better when she leaves. The great thing about Jesus is he doesn’t leave. So while things might get back to their previous state after mom heads back to Mobile, Jesus is back the next day, poking his head in the back door, always offering a cleansing like no other.


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