The little dickens

I get to meet Little Jimmy Dickens!

I just like saying his name…heh… Anyway, before you think I’ve resorted to mild cursing, I’ll say that I am going to a gathering of Grand Ol’ Opry legends who are going to be performing at the Williamson County Fair. I love old country. It reminds me of taking road trips with my grandparents to Disney World. My grandfather would pop in an old Johnny Cash tape, or something even older. And some old sounding music would come popping over the cassette player, which would send the grandkids howling. ‘Can’t we listen to Boys 2 Men?’ I would screech. Too bad I didn’t appreciate it then as much as I do now. The roots of country music take me back to my own roots, and the roots of my relatives that are much deeper than my own.

Oh yeah, before I forget. I got an e-mail from YWAM today saying they received my application. There’s a little twinge of…not fear, necessarily…but of that desire to accepted. To make the grade, so to speak. I have to keep in mind that this isn’t a matter of being up to snuff, but a matter of letting God lead where he wants me to go.

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