The Return of Darth Visor

I’ve been harping on college football as of late, but I just get so giddy when I know it’s right around the corner.

Pat Forde, who I really look up to as a stellar sports guy and wordsmith (I use that term because he’s so much more than a writer,) wrote the perfect piece to put a cap on the insane circus that is SEC Media Days. I have to quote him, because he’s so spot on in observing the idiosyncracies of SEC coaches. I especially like the bit about blunt-force enthusiasm.

And so, at the end of an afternoon unlike any other in the long and cliché-ridden oral history of Southeastern Conference media days, Dixie reunited with the Head Ball Coach. “I appreciate all of you hanging around,” Steve Spurrier said to a ballroom jammed with reporters. “I figured you’d all be gone.” Right. And Spurrier will run the wishbone this year at South Carolina.

Even after the leadoff segment with World’s Hottest Coach Urban Meyer, after the Phillip Fulmer Alabama Manifesto and after Ed Orgeron’s blunt-force-enthusiasm debut. This was the climactic scene. Nobody was going anywhere without hearing from Ol’ Stevie Boy.

Read ’em and weep, UT fans! Your nemesis has returned.

Last year I got to meet Forde in Tuscaloosa after the annual Hatred Bowl. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet the Kentucky boy again this year for another fun-filled Iron Bowl and barbecue session.

Anyone who is going to be in the Franklin area on Saturday night should check out The Class of ’98 at Franklin Mercantile. It’s great pop rock with a bit of edge to it. Older folks beware, though. You’ll feel twice as old hangin’ out at the Merc with the kiddies!


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