The Boob Tube

A new friend has helped me see that an idea that has been floating around my brain for a while is indeed a good one.

So with that, on August 1, I am giving up television for one month. I don’t want to get legalistic about it and say that I will never catch a few minutes of TV or that I’ll never watch a movie. I just want to give it up as a primary form of entertainment, and limit my time spent wasting away in front of the television. I haven’t decided on my terms yet, but I’ll probably keep it to FoodTV and the occasional Weather Channel update.

I think this will be hard at first, but I once went a year without a television in my dorm room at school. I think it will ultimately help me get a piece of my life back that I have surrendered to TV.



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3 responses to “The Boob Tube

  1. The Gas Guy

    Hi there and thanks for the visit to my blog. I have a TV but without cable the reception is lousy so I’ve probably watched two hours on it in the last seven months. Not my drug of choice. The internet, on the other hand…

    Good luck with your rresolution.

  2. Scooby

    I remember the old college days when I didn’t even have a TV in my room. My roommate decided she didn’t like me and moved out second semester, taking her luxury set with her.

    The internet is indeed a powerful drug. I’d quit that too, but my job is tied to it.

  3. Michael

    Back in school, a buddy bet me I couldn’t go a week without TV and yet I did it…

    But I will say this–missing Battlestar Galactica right now would not be fun!

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