10 things sans TV

Oh sweet bippy! It’s so hard not to watch television when you’ve vowed not to. I have to admit I did catch the end of the ABC Family Movie the other night, but I managed not to flip between channels after it was over. I simply turned it off.

I’ve got to come up with more things to do to fill my time. Last night I went for a run, which left me feeling winded, but at the same time, refreshed. If that makes any sense. So here’s a list of 10 things (that’s a nice round number) I probably should do now that I’m not watching television:

  1. Pick out the thickest, most literary book possible and read it.
  2. Work on my novel, which I started long ago, but never seem to have time to work on.
  3. Go swimming while the water is still warm.
  4. Finish all the books I’ve started, and have lying around in various states of unfinished.
  5. Clean out the back of my Escape, which contains, among other things, an old TV, a sleeping bag, golf clubs, various clothing items and shoes.
  6. Write some poetry.
  7. Write my missionary letter for YWAM, so it’s ready if and when (WHEN) I get accepted.
  8. Go to one rock show per week.
  9. Catch up with friends before football season starts, and I turn back into a workaholic.
  10. As a reward for not watching TV, do something frivolous, like treat myself to a Cocoa Tree truffle. Then go hiking to work off said truffle.

I’m taking suggestions here. Send me some cool things to do around Nashville so I’ll get my butt off my couch.



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2 responses to “10 things sans TV

  1. Michael

    Swimming is a great idea…the water is just about perfect this time of year.

  2. Kerry Woo

    Before I forget – great blog by the way – I would take the camera and play tourist – experiment with photo angles and creative artsy shots – when I got my digital camera, I tried to carry it everywhere to catch a shot that at worse case, give me inspiration to blog about (and add a photo as well). My 1st day out, I shot a photo of someone’s yard totally rolled with toilet paper – anyway, go photo hunting!

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