Double the rejection, double the fun

I’ve been bad. Horrible. I have not blogged since the beginning of this month. Much thanks go out to my friend Shane, who kicked my butt into gear. He’s had a way of doing that since he was my Sunday school teacher in high school.

So, on to the blog.

Recently, I have been rejected by two guys in the dating department. I didn’t think there could be two completely polar opposite experiences when it comes to getting dropped, but there you have it. The first guy, an up-and-coming musician, just didn’t bother to show up for our date. I haven’t talked to him since. The other, a doctor-in-residence, went out with me once, then decided we weren’t meant to be together. No surprise, I respect the second guy much more. It takes guts to stand up and tell the truth, even when it will hurt someone. Don’t get me wrong, both ways suck, but I would rather know that not know.

Speaking of whirlwinds, romantic or otherwise, my parents are safe and sound in Mobile after Hurricane Katrina. My mom had a scary moment when a tree limb cracked the front bay window on her house, but all is OK. It’s moments like these where part of me wishes I could be with my familiy, and part of me is glad I don’t have to worry about hurricanes destroying my apartment.


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