Be doers of the Word

I love my church. I absolutely love my church. Today, instead of giving a sermon lamenting the sad affairs on the Golf Coast, my pastor brought up a former church member who now lives in Ocean Springs, who gave testimony about the things they are dealing with there. We started at 11, and by 12, we were out the door with a challenge. There were two semi-trucks in the parking lot. All we had to do was fill them.

I dashed to Target and started cruising the aisles. I passed women’s purses and almost picked one up. Then I moved through toys. Some kids are without toys, I thought. Looking back the electronics section, I thought about a teenager’s CD collection that they worked so hard to perfect, now lost in the rubble.

Common sense overruled those ideas for immediate needs, but I still thought about the fact that some people have lost everything. How will they ever get back to normal? Finally, I made it to underwear, where I picked up some basic socks and unerthings. I can’t imagine going two days in the same undies, much less a week. Baby bottles, diapers and basic toiletries followed. When I got to the church, there were people running everywhere, wrapping boxes together and putting smaller items in boxes. I can’t imagine that there was a single person who didn’t bring something back to add to the truck.

A group of us are headed south to Mississippi next weekend to help where we can. I have a friend I still haven’t heard from yet. His parents’ house is near the water in Pass Christian, and it is probably not still standing. I’m helping for him, and his family who may be displaced, or worse, gone. Pray that God will use us to bless those in need, and pray that we will put selfishness aside and do what is needed.


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