And usually I’m so quiet

I am not normally a political person. I have my thoughts on what I believe, and I stick by those beliefs. And when people rant out their opinions that I disagree with, I keep my mouth shut and listen.

But right now I am so pissed off at political pundits and bloggers who are using a disaster to make a political statement. It’s the lowest form of life. The people who are bitching and moaning about a so-called lack of response in New Orleans have not been shot at while trying to rescue people from a roof, or tried to slog through four feet of water, or felt the shock and then disillusion that that comes from watching people loot. You’re sitting in front of your computer on your powdered butt in your air conditioned house. So keep your mouth shut or do something, but save your political opinions about the destruction for an election year. Christian, atheist, liberal, conservative, I don’t care. People are dying, but there are thousands of others who need to be rescued and taken care of.


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