That’s a mighty big word there, lady!

I hate it when I’m duplicitous.

Today I was hanging with some friends who came from Memphis. They wanted to do the sightseeing thing so they could get some pictures. And let me tell you, they can take some pictures.So I took them downtown to the Broadway area and we made a lap. I guess by now I’m used to seeing homeless folks hang around downtown Nashville asking for change. I didn’t have any change, only plastic, so I couldn’t help. A few asked questions about what we were doing, as they often do, but I started to feel a little uncomfortable when they started eyeing my friends’ cameras. In my head I was thinking, ‘Just leave us alone.’ Not exactly a charitable, Godly mindset.

After we left there, we went to Hillsboro Village to look around. We were in a shop there, and I mentioned our experience downtown. I said I felt bad that they were down and out, but I didn’t quite like them hanging around begging for change I didn’t have. She says, smirking, “Well, they are down on life and high on alcohol,” and “They need to get a J-O-B.” For some reason, this highly pissed me off, and I went to wait outside while my friends bought pottery.

I can’t help but feel I had a double standard. I could have shown more kindness to the guys roaming the streets of lower Broadway, but I didn’t want anyone else talking about them as if they were completely at fault for their position in life and refuse to help themselves or ask for help. I’m just trying to be open and honest, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.
Nevertheless, in my heart, I still feel my mindset needs to be adjusted. As to what that adjustment needs to be, I’m not quite sure yet.


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