Coward, party of one

I am such a chicken. Yesterday I was at Fido, and there was a really cute guy in line in front of me. I could tell that we kept giving each other the eye, but I never had the guts to say anything. Interestingly, he looked very familiar. I’m not one to use that cheesy “Do I know you?” line, but in this case, it would have actually been an honest question.

So, cute boy with the brown army-style cap and white T-shirt who was reading a book in Fido on Saturday, I’m sorry I was a coward. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.



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2 responses to “Coward, party of one

  1. shane

    i over heard him talking about how cute you are when i went to the men’s room…

    didn’t i tell you? sorry….

  2. Scooby

    Liar. You owe me pictures.

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