Coldplay = Class

Last night, I followed the masses to see Coldplay, and while I’m not generally not into big shows, this one was most excellent. The guys mixed some old and new, and even did a cover of Ring of Fire along with the song that they wrote for Johnny Cash before he died last year. Amazing. The stage show was big enough to give us peons on the lawn something to see, but not so big that they detracted from the music. They honestly seemed excited to be playing in Nashville, with its musical history and highly attuned audience. Coldplay pulled the whole thing off with class, which is what I’ve come to expect from this band.

Another thing that always impresses me about Chris Martin is that he doesn’t overuse his position as a musician to present a political platform. He’s not without political statements, with a Make trade Fair sign on his piano, and an equal sign tattooed on his hand, but he and his band stick to playing music when they are onstage. Back in the day, the music said enough for your politics, and I’m glad to see Martin takes that line. He, unlike many musicians today, has figured out that people don’t pay $35 to hear his political opinions. They pay to hear music, and if that music has a political bent, then so be it. Some might say, ‘Well, he has a right to exercise his freedom of speech.’ And to that I say, sure he does. But he is also a steward of the time that people have granted him to entertain. It takes more of a rebel to let your music speak for you.



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2 responses to “Coldplay = Class

  1. Daryl

    Well said. I enjoyed the concert as well. There were several Make Trade Fair booths scattered around the park but it wasn’t like a high pressure bang you over the head type of thing. When they played the Make Trade fair video at the end of Rilo Kiley’s set I thought it was well done and spoke for itself. There really wasn’t any need for the guys to say anything else about it. I wouldn’t have minded Chris mentioning it (because I’ve come to form similar views on the subject after doing a bit of reading and research earlier this year) but as you say I do think it would have taken away from the concert experience a bit. All in all a great night. Can’t wait to see them again.

  2. ColdPlay

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