MySpace Grandpa

I have found the coolest person alive. No really. His name is Gramps, and he’s probably the only person over 40 to have a MySpace page. He’s a 78-year-old Franklin grandpa who has been posting some pretty cool stuff on his page about cow chip tossing and observations about the universe. I admire that he has the guts to participate in something that is so foreign to anyone of his generation.

If you have MySpace, go here and read his stuff. Hey, maybe even ask him to be your friend. You won’t be disappointed.


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One response to “MySpace Grandpa

  1. The Blah Brain

    Have you guys heard about that samy guy LOL wait, who hasn’t what an ego trip that must have been huh? I think he’s still liking all of the popularity. so I wrote a few things about him on my blog: ha, I think Myspace should recode everything.. so far now they have banned .swf [flash files] and the embed tag…basicaly taking videos out of everyones pages as well, I dont think they’ll be too happy about that haha banning these things will basically kill myspace… and it’s popularity…

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