Magical Mystery Tour

Dude. I’m moving to England. I think I’m still in a little shock.

I was beginning to worry because I hadn’t heard from YWAM, the organization that is taking me to the mother country. So I e-mailed to see what the hold up was about. I got a message this morning confirming that I am in!

So, details. I’ll be here in Tennessee for another couple of months, then I’ll travel to Mobile to be with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ll fly out sometime in early January on my way to England! I’ll be there for six months, then from there, only God knows where I will be. Of course, I’ll keep writing while I’m gone, probably a lot more than I do now. And I will soon be purchasing a camera so everyone can get a view of the beautiful English countryside.

I’m still soaking all of this in. I got teary-eyed today driving down Carothers, probably the street most devoid of Franklin charm in the whole city. I can’t imagine what it will be like the last time I take a drive through the Williamson County countryside, or the last time I go to a show at the Ryman (Ben Folds, I’m not deserting you!). I think I’m going to need invest in handkerchiefs. One thing is for sure, I won’t forget you Nashville. I’ll treasure these last days until we meet again. And perhaps we will meet again, when my Brit adventure is done.



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5 responses to “Magical Mystery Tour

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  2. rebelbrad

    I hope you have a fun stay over there. I’ll let you know soon about the Auburn game. I’m still trying to plot out that weekend (w/ VoodooFest of the Auburn game).

  3. Vol Abroad

    I hope you enjoy jolly ol’ England. If you ever get the jones for some cornbread in London, I can hook you up.

    Careful, though. I came over here for six months, and nine years later…

  4. shane

    well… i guess this means our next vacation will have to be ‘cross the pond. otherwise, who will be our tour guide?

  5. Michael

    You wouldn’t want to be my new best freind and send me copies of the new Dr Who eps when they air next year?!? 😉

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