Hooray for little people

I feel small today. Before you rush to patch up my self-esteem, feeling small is not a bad thing. Maybe what I meant to say is that I feel comfortable in my own skin. I just went to a bar in flip flops and a ponytail. It’s not even that I didn’t care; I was just me being me. It’s hard to accept that sometimes, and I try too hard, stretching thin the varnish that covers the reality of my being. I gave honesty, and in return, I got honesty. I think genuine honesty from others puts us in a position to be even more of who we are.

I’m going to miss Nashville when I’m gone, but I don’t know that I’ll miss all the people like me who are always trying so hard. I vow to take it easy while I’m in England, to simply take time to refocu and remember who I am, to sharpen some dreams, so when I return, it’ll be time to cut and run.


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