She can drive for miles…

How’s this for “iron”-y?

I won the women’s “longest drive” competition at a charity golf tournament today, and they gave me a putter! Someone out there must know that while I can hit the driver about 180, my short game is lacking. Severely lacking.

So, I’m back after a bit of a hiatus. I’ve been packing all weekend, mostly while watching USC and Notre Dame fight it out to the bitter end. Can’t say that I was completely satisfied with the results, but it was an amazing game to watch. Saturday night I went to see Nickel Creek at War Memorial Auditorium. Took a while to find it, but it’s the perfect place to have a show like that. The acoustics are great, and NC was fabulous, as always. Their new album is amazing. People have said this album is a little darker, but as Chris Thile so aptly put it: “People say our new album is too dark. S0 now we’ll play a happy little song from our first album about suicide.”


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  1. rebelbrad

    I keep hearing of “Nickel Creek” but I’ve never actually heard their music. What’s their best songs/cd?

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