An ode to Lightning 100

They don’t even have a decent radio station here in Mobile, for sobbing out loud. Oh Lightning 100, how I took you for granted. I miss your quirky blues and old school rock, your folk and faux country. All those times I tuned you out in favor of a CD, I regret every one. If only I could hear the British lady’s voice come across the speaker, speaking in her soothing tone, “WRLT, Franklin, Nashville. Lightning 100.” I would even take some famous person saying, “David Hall rocks y’all!”

Now I’m stuck in generic land, where every DJ sounds like they drank five Red Bulls before coming on shift, and every song is screeching weasels running their nails down a really dry chalkboard. The sports talk station doesn’t even carry Jim Rome, and there’s no Dave Ramsey. At this point, I would even take the Vandy station. Please, someone, just get me out of music hell!


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5 responses to “An ode to Lightning 100

  1. Franklin Kool Aid

    If you have computer access and want something similar to, but even better than Lightning 100, then go to: www dot radioparadise dot com.

    Or simply Google Radio Paradise.

    It’s free and has a format similar to 100.

  2. Scooby

    Thanks for the advice Koolaid Man. Too bad my mom’s computer is slow as dirt. Never fear. My new iMac arrives soon!

  3. Richard

    satellite radio… they have stations pretty comparable to lightning 100.

    I have Sirius and now XM through Direct tv. Lots better over all than any of Nashville’s stations.

    I’m suprised that a city that calles itself Music City has as much crappy radio as it does.

    Also radio paradise is by far the best internet radio station out there.

  4. Scooby

    Sheesh. You rich people and your satellite radio. I’m about to be a missionary. Can’t exactly afford to max out the credit card. 🙂

  5. Franklin Kool Aid

    I’m telling you – you’ll love Radio Paradise.

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