Jesus must be in here somewhere

Christmas excess makes me want to hurl. I’ve been listening to people talk for days about how they haven’t gotten enough presents, and yet, they list 20 or so things that they have already purchased. Where does it end? When we’re in debt? When our kids are bloated on a toy binge, only to feel a little emptier when it’s time to put the toys away the day after Christmas? When we hustle back to Wal-Mart for the twentieth time to return something we’ll never use? I for one am seriously considering hand-making more of my gifts in the future, and keeping things low-key. The hoopla should really be about the birth of Jesus Christ, saviour of the world. I pray that someone notices before we forget what the holiday is even for.


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One response to “Jesus must be in here somewhere

  1. rebelbrad

    MERRY err.. *coughs* belated *coughs*… CHRISTMAS!

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