Just call me procrastination

The reality that I am leaving in three days hasn’t really set in. Sure, I’ve been shopping for the essentials and started gathering things to put in my bag, but inside I’m dragging my feet. It’s not because I’m afraid or nervous about going; it’s just my natural inclination to procrastinate.

See, there’s a thrill to doing everything at the last minute. It puts me in gear and makes me work that much harder to get things done. What’s the fun in having everything ready to go a week early? Spending extra quality time with my family? No way! Give me a couple of late nights and a mere matter of hours to complete everything. It’s like draining that three-point shot at the buzzer, or walking across campus at midnight to slide your term paper under the professor’s door. It gives me a sense of power to tame the beast of time.


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