I like adventure, but really…

Well, I made it. I’m getting everything moved in and meeting all my new housemates. The only negative thing I can say about this house is that it’s freeeeezing. But that’s nothing some duvets and long johns can’t fix. There is a nice room where we can make a fire, so I’m sure I’ll be hanging around there quite a bit.

I learned very quickly to be careful how you answer questions. Daniel, our DTS leader, asked me straight off is I was an adventurous person. Then a couple of minutes later he asked me if I was willing to learn to drive a mini-bus!!! Apparently, you have to be over 25 to drive any of the campus vehicles, and I’m the only one who qualifies. For any of you who have ever ridden with me in the car, you know that’s more than an adventure. So, keep your fingers crossed for me as I go off to learn to drive on the left side of the road. I’m sure you’ll hear more of my progress in that area very soon.

Tomorrow is church, and then we start school on Monday. Keep me in your prayers!


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  1. Katie

    This is great stuff, Lauren. You paint a picture with your writing and I end up right there with you in London. Miss you.

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