Britain beware!

So I took my first driving lesson today. Did I mention that I only drive automatic, and all the campus vehicles are stick shift? Yeah. So in addition to learning to drive on the opposite side of the road, I have to learn to drive stick. Daniel, who is my DTS leader, took me out to learn, first in the driveway, then on a side street with little traffic. The shifting I have no problem with. It’s the getting started that gave me trouble. I stalled probably eight times my first couple of trips up and down the street. And then there’s the whole matter of keeping the car closer to the middle of the road. But I’m catching on quickly. Soon they’ll be getting me to drive on shopping trips and to outreach on Friday nights in Brighton. If I get really good at it, I may rent a car on our long weekend off and tool around southern England. When Daniel asked me if I was an adventurous person, I had no idea all the adventures that would come out of this trip.

We got our work duties today. I am in charge of cleaning the lecture room where we meet, and two of the other front rooms where people can go to sit or have visitors. We also picked our local outreach which we will do every Friday night. There was an opportunity to work with kids and some other things, but I really felt God was wanting me to stretch myself, so I decided to do street evangelism in Brighton. I am terrified of sharing my faith that way, but I felt that was what God called me to. The easy thing would be to work with youth. But that’s not what I’m here for.

Overall, I would say today is the best day so far. We had a great time of sharing our testimonies tonight after dinner. Of course we all walked away snot-nosed and bleary-eyed, but it was good. It was a chance for us to connect that little bit more. It’s just the surface of what we’re going to learn in the next five months, but I am so glad that I am here. When I first arrived, I was really worried that everyone was going to be super-spiritual and on a different level than I was. But as I get to know people, many of them are new Christians, or Christians who wanted to renew their relationship with God. Some came in broken down, and some just came in broken. And that’s a beginning.

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