There’s no title because I can’t think straight

What’s worse than having a sinus infection? Having a sinus infection in a house full of people. There’s no way to rest!

I do love my roommates, though. As soon as they knew I was sick, they offered to get me some medicine and take care of me. We are beginning to bond as all the uncomfortableness of being thrown in together begins to wane, and we see to each other’s needs.

Things have been going well here beyond my sickliness. We had an introduction week, and tomorrow we get into the meat of the program with our first speaker. It’s a challenge to sort of mentally put yourself on the surgery table so God can work on your heart every day. Some days it can be bitterly painful, other days, downright agonizing. The key is to focus on the end result: a more whole, complete person.


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One response to “There’s no title because I can’t think straight

  1. rebelbrad

    I hope you get to feeling better. Have you mastered driving on the left side and driving stick yet?

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