Don’t envy me

You know that little voice in your head that warns you when your about to do something stupid? Yeah…listen to it.

Yesterday I was walking by the pond that sits at the back of Holmsted’s property. There’s this great rope swing that hangs from a tree near the water, and a lot of us enjoy swining on it, even though there’s no way in Hades that you would want to land in the water in January. But that’s just what happened. I swung out and back once successfully, but I didn’t go very far. So I though, ‘Hmm, if I back up, I’ll get more distance.’ Enter that little voice in the back of my head. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen. I jumped up and planned on planting my feet on the knot at the bottom of the rope. But I missed and landed in the water. At least I was at the bank, and only my leg and one arm got coated in mud. It was a really, really cold walk about to the house.

The lesson from this? Never envy someone with an adventurous spirit.


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One response to “Don’t envy me

  1. shane

    lesson 2: never forget your camera just in case someone falls in the mud…

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