seeing the world

the world as i know it has changed. it’s much larger, and currently features a number of southeast asian faces. indonesia has seeped into my being, sending the rain to dampen my skin, the wind to weather me, and the water to rush over me. it’s inevitable that i should change, both inside and out.

i’m learning to care about a lot of things…who’s sitting alone, where my trash is going, how to build bridges, not tear them down. sitting in a mountain village, you take time to observe….rice fields, laughter, peaks in the distance.

ultimately, it will be difficult to leave. the result of being worn down is often categorized by the ability to fit more closely with those things around you. and how do you return to a place where you suddenly don’t fit like you used to fit. questions to be answered, but i can’t give a response yet. three weeks to go…


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  1. shane

    hey… just wondering how you were doing after all the earthquakes in that area…

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