Danger: Strange thoughts ahead

I think I’ve lost my profundity. (AKA: ability to make deep, profound commentary) Maybe it dribbled out of my ear somewhere in Asia, I don’t know. The desire to process has left me completely. So in the meantime, I’ll ramble a bit, and maybe it will all come back to me.

Crazy thought o’ the day: What does it say about me when the one male I would consider dating in my extended (and I do mean extended) circle of acquaintances barely knows I’m alive? Out of the interactions I have had with the other of the species, he’s one of the few who have made me feel special. Funnily enough, he has no idea the impact he made, nor is he ever likely to. It seems the guys in my sphere as of late are taken, balding, obsessed with their jobs, blah, blah, blah…so I must ask, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” Under a rock somewhere? Chasing girls who don’t want them back? Playing Playstation with their buddies? If you know where to find them, I’d be much obliged.

Ultimately, I’m not utterly destroyed because I’m single. I don’t cry myself to sleep every night. There’s no desparation dates or hanging on to something old because there’s nothing new. I just want a date with a nice guy. So here I am. Intelligent writer seeking creative, intellectual, music-loving guy for a date or two. Let me know if you can hook me up.



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2 responses to “Danger: Strange thoughts ahead

  1. rebelbrad

    I tend to fall for girls that are in love with other guys. So I guess I’ll go with that answer.

    You’ll find someone… keep looking…

  2. Michael

    I had no idea you felt this way about me…

    Oh wait…;)

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