i heart the beach

all i want to do right now is sit on the swing at my beach house and just stare at the water. sitting there makes me recall summers past where i would sit until late at night, a warm, light breeze wrapping around me so wonderful i would ache with something like longing. what for? at the time, i had no idea. but now i think it was something to the effect of, ‘i want to be somewhere i fit, somewhere i make sense to the people around me.’

eight years later, i am much more comfortable in my skin. i like who i am, and what i do, and i am actually living out the adventures i was waiting for all those years ago. i don’t think i’m fully understood, especially now that my views have changed beyond the scope of your typical conservative southern family. but i’m okay with not being understood. i’m still working out some things in my own head about what i believe and where i stand. the important thing is always seeking, never settling for a complacent view and striving to know yourself and knowing where god wants you.



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4 responses to “i heart the beach

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    I dig the blog.

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    Excellent, love it! » »

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    Keep up the good work »

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