you mean they actually have music?

oh, if you could only see me now. i am currently crouched on the curb in front of the orange beach public library, being so damn literal with my laptop in my lap, stealing some internet waves to power my computer. i scraped my ankle on the sidewalk which feels oh soo good. now that’s devotion people.

i was a little worried when i first moved to mobile, that i would be bored to tears for a lack of music and things to do. the last few days have brought some revelations, thank the lord. i got my hair did, which always makes a girl feel good. while i was in the chair, my hairdresser informed me that i should listen to 92 zew, a local radio station i thought was reserved for oldies. apparently the format has changed, and it now sounds something like nashville’s lightning 100. now, honestly, there’s no way they could match lightning, but anything besides the teenybopper crap that’s all over the radio. the first time i turned on the zoo, they were playing death cab for cutie. i was sold. then my hairdresser informs me that there is also a really good music venue downtown called soul kitchen. elliott morris is playing there this month, and g. love rounds out the month. excellent. granted, they still have eighties cover bands, and the velcro pygmies play there, but at least there are some shows worth seeing. the saenger sometimes gets some good shows like nickel creek. so i am beginning to see that while it’s no nashville, i can survive mobile for at least six months. no surprise shows at the basement with chris thile playing bach. but i’ll survive.

thank heavens for my friend kara, who got me a ticket to the sufjan stevens show in nashville. i will be there. oh yes, i will be there.



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4 responses to “you mean they actually have music?

  1. Franklin Kool Aid

    If you’re in Orange Beach, make sure you hit the Shrimp Basket.

  2. Scooby

    The Shrimp Basket rocks. Ate there a few weeks ago with my family.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s a great story. Waiting for more. »

  4. Anonymous

    Very nice site! »

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