Brain scramble

Good Monday to you, these are my thoughts for the day. I’m a little bit out of it, but if any of you asks me if I have a case of “The Mondays,” I might go over the deep end.

* Have you ever run into someone who breaks so many rules that you were tempted to vote them off the planet? That woman was in line at the bank last week during my lunch break. Problem 1: She was Suburban Mom in her oversized Suburban. Her license plate reads “HLFDZN.” Problem 2: She was on her cell phone. In the end, all of this would have been forgivable, until she drove off with pod that transports your money through a tube and into the bank. That’s right, drove off with it. I mean, it’s one thing to accidentally take a pen when you go, but the whole pod?!?! Being the next one in line, I was at a loss. I don’t think they keep spare pods lying around to send to you. So I drive around the building and get in a different, longer line. I was not a happy girl. Then Suburban Mommy reappears, going into a lane that’s not open, and attempting to give back the pod. Keep in mind, the lane was closed. By the time she figured out what was going on, I was finished.

* I’m such an iTunes nerd. I was thinking this morning, if I had a soundtrack to my life, what would be on it? That’s no easy task. You need a good theme song, something timeless that isn’t going to go out of style. It’s got to hold some depth. Then the accent songs, at least one instrumental piece, some oldies for flashbacks, a loud, energetic song for the climactic scene, and some unknown bands to round out the indie-quality of the flick. I’m gonna spend some time thinking about this, then come back with a list. I’m open to suggestions, so leave a comment!


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One response to “Brain scramble

  1. Michael

    Don’t you just love being stuck behind people like that…

    As for the soundtrack to my life, man that’s a really interesting question. I mean, of course Rocky Top is going to be on there, but is that what I want for the main theme of my life. A while ago, I thought You May be Right by Billy Joel would be a good theme song….but do I really want my life summed up by that?

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