Reason #235

I love my Mac. I really do. And I found out recently when my laptop decided it didn’t like capital letters anymore, that I love the Mac Support office. I don’t think I could have been more pleased with the service I received. Of course, there’s the mandatory automated voice when you first get on the line, but even that guy is nice. And I only had to press one button and say a couple of words. The wait was less than five minutes, then a nice guy who actually spoke English came on the line. My part was ordered and sent on its way. It arrived overnight. One little glitch. They sent me a desktop keyboard, and I have a laptop. No problem. I talked to another nice guy today, and the correct part is on the way. May even be here tomorrow.

I’ve dealt with other companies and their support service, and I’ve never gotten help like I did at Mac. Just one more reason why the extra money you pay for a Mac is worth every cent and then some.


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  1. Lu

    YES. Jesus loves Macs. I swear!

    Oh, wait… that’s not how the song goes, is it…


    Jesus loves Macs. (And so do I.)

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