Tuesday Morning College Football Lovefest

Normally this will be the Monday Morning College Football Lovefest, but it was Labor Day and I’m lazy, so cut me some slack.

On with the rant…
I am tired, tired, tired of listening to the pitter-patter of little feet as media types nationwide run after the USC bandwagon that they fell off of after last season’s “Texas Spanking.” Most of them have just recovered from their tumble from the Cal cart, and yet they still chase after a team that defeated a MIDDLE-TIER SEC program. If that. Without McFadden to run the ground game, they were struggling to break in a quarterback. The hallmark of SEC play is the running back, and Arkansas’ was absent Saturday.

By the way, why in the world didn’t Robert and Casey help out Mitch Mustain, who took their spot? The middle of a game is no time to pout like a third-grader who got picked last for kickball. It’s about winning as a team, even if you’re the third-string QB or the water boy. Everyone has to do their part.

Auburn did just as I predicted: come out looking sluggish, only to wake up in the second half and look like the Auburn they are expected to be. you have to be feeling confident about John Vauhgn after making four of five field goals. Gets rid of last season’s bugaboo in Baton Rouge. The offensive line played well, but they had better not pat themselves on the back too quickly. Misissippi State wouldn’t be able to take on Wazzu in a head-to-head, but make no mistake, they have a nasty defense, and they’ll bring everything they can if they see any kind of weakness.

Even though they won, I am giddy happy about Alabama’s performance Saturday. It took a last-second interception to prevent a comeback. Cllllllllassic.

I’m still debating on how I feel about the clock changes. Columnists so far are acting like it’s the end of the world that the timer rules have been changed. But like all new things, we change, we adjust. Coaches figure out how to make the most of the time they have. Players trot themselves out on the field a little faster. While everyone is complaining about the shorter games and miscues that have happened so far, there are some pluses. The speedier format gives NFL hopefuls more training on managing the clock. Short games means more football watching for all. Fans can see more games. Better yet, pollsters can see more games. And we want those guys who take the fate of all Division I programs in their hands with a single vote to make the right decisions, right? Am I right? But like I said, I’m not sold on it just yet. I’ll wait till seasons end to make that judgement.

Until next week, when there’s a little less talk and a lot more action.


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One response to “Tuesday Morning College Football Lovefest

  1. Big Orange Michael

    That’s the problem with having pre-season polls…a lot of it is based on perceptions, reputation and how you finished last year. And I agree that USC is overrated and the Pac 10 as a whole is not as good as many would have us believe. I can’t tell you how it made my day for the Vols to whip Cal because a)I love all things UT and b)it spoiled Corso’s pick for who’d play for it all.

    That said, it should be interesting to see how this season unfolds….and which Tigers are you referring to UT having to play in my comments? Are you talking Auburn? Surely you’re not talking Memphis…


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