This weekend was bonkers

I spent most of Saturday glued to the couch, minus the couple of pre-game hours I spent at the beach with my buddy DB. We encountered the Beer Nazi at the grocery store, who almost thwarted our efforts to get beer. (I look like I’m under 21? I’m flattered sir. Now give me my damn beer!) With our friend Danimal’s mad channel surfing skills, we viewed no less than eight games between timeouts and commercial breaks. My braaaaaaaaiiiin is frrriiiiiiiied.

Before I get into the weekend’s main event, let me point out Matt Zemek’s Weekly Affirmations. Scroll to the middle of the page and put on your logic hat. Thoz hoo canot spel properlee or or who cain’t put tugether uh compleet sentence nead not appli. And he’s right SEC fans, you’ve got to watch the West Coast during OOC play to get a better overview of college football. That should be a new slogan – Be a good SEC fan: Watch Oklahoma get screwed.

Auburn-LSU. Where, where, where do I begin?
1. Freaking crazy defense. I love SEC games like this. I did not love the conservative approach that Auburn and LSU took with the offense. LSU ramped up their efforts late in the fourth, but I think if either team had moved beyond the basic playbook, they could have mustered a little more math in the box score.
2. People are talking about 186 yards vs. 309 yards of total offense, and asking how LSU could have lost on the score board, but won in offensive numbers. The answer lies in the last couple of drives when LSU was in desparation mode. 40-60 yards came from that last-ditch passing effort. Meanwhile, LSU’s running backs came up with 16 yards apiece. You may have no cake!
3. Both calls that were considered controversial in this game were ruled correct by the SEC. The most questionable was a bang-bang play, and could have fallen either way. The fact remains that LSU failed to get things done early on. It’s over and done with, and next year, some other strange happening will add to the oddball legacy that is the Auburn-LSU rivalry.

Florida and Tennessee played a great game Saturday night, but in spite of the win with Chris Leak at the helm, I was much more impressed with the Winn – DeShawn Winn, that is. He’s going to prove to be a problem for teams later in the year.

Oklahoma got messed over by bad instant replay review, but it should have never reached the point where the blown call was an issue. The Sooners blew their lead like a kid with a dollar bill in 7-11.

I think most people can say that they saw the blow up of Notre Dame coming. They struggled with Georgia Tech, they looked flat early against Penn State then woke up. Michigan was ready for this game. I was watching GameDay Saturday morning, and they had Charlie Weis wired up for one of the segments. He’s talking to his players, and one statement he kept using really stood out to me: ‘They think we’re soft. They think we’re soft. Hmm…maybe coach has a crystal ball? But I’ll still be rooting for Notre Dame to beat USC. Because I’m a big fat homer. And I don’t want to see the SEC get left out in the cold on another NC game.

Quick Jabs
An ode to Ole Miss (in haiku form)
You messed up big time
Fire Ed Orgeron right now
Before things get worse

Baby Bowden defeats Daddy Bowden. Use the patented Matt Zemek Logic Chain to figure out stupid it was for Miami to stomp on the Louisville logo. Go.

I figured USC would defeat Nebraska on Saturday, but I didn’t figure that USC would look so flat. I can’t figure out why people are so high on them. Sure, they have reloaded, but I think they are much more vulnerable than they look. They haven’t really played anyone yet. Arkansas is looking haggard after a cloooose game with Vandy. If you believe the theory about needing to play at least three games before you really how a team is going to shake out in the grand scheme of things, then I’d wait a week before passing judgement on USC. Anyone want to take the bet on Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame’s chances of handing the Trojans a defeat later in the season? That’s a season-ending triple play that could fell the giant. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Kirk Herbstreit trapped in the booth with the ‘Burger Saturday night + snoozer of a game = *$%#!&**.
Speaking of California, the next time GameDay goes that far west, they need to either make special concessions and move the show up one hour, or send an injection of SEC/Ohio State/other rabid fan bases to the site to show those kids how to party.

Update on an SEC player: The much-loved, much-maligned (depending on who you rooted for) David Pollack broke a vertebra in his neck over the weekend. He’s in my thoughts and prayers.

I’m out like Notre Dame in the national title race.



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5 responses to “This weekend was bonkers

  1. Franklin Kool Aid

    I’m not sure if you missed my post titled “Roundup,” but I have comments coming for this post (mostly along the same lines).

    The “bang-bang” play … Auburn got a gift.

    Nice Haiku, but let me take care of the Rebels – ohhh, they have it coming.

  2. Michael

    I am not sure what happened to Tennesssee except that our run game went from an asset to a liability all in one game…

  3. Michael

    OH yeah..and I look younger than I am which sucked until I passed the big 3-0 and now is really, really cool.

    In fact, a few years ago I got carded buying alcohol as well and the cashier went–there is no way you’re 21…LOL

  4. Franklin Kool Aid

    Give it up Ole Miss,
    I gave you my last dollar,
    Gosh, I need a beer.

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