Sickly girl groove

Sickness Day Two. Pulled out the movies today. My brain is feeling less like mush and the sharpness returning. Well, not like it was ever there or anything. Probably should have spent off time focusing on finding an answer to world hunger or other useful items, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Tomorrow I will rise from my bed and make it to work. It’s a bit of a relief. I don’t know how people sit around all day in their pajamas. It just makes me even more tired.

Is there such a thing as an automatic band? A group that you know is going to give you a hit no matter what they put out? I think of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters in that category. They’re unique enough not to put out the same thing every album, but they stay within the bounds of what is considered popular. I would put U2 in that category as well, but then we must remember the disaster that was Pop. I dunno. Maybe I’m just predictable. I bought the new Chilli Peppers today, and of course, am jamming out to it as we speak. Flea adds that crazy funk sound, and you can’t help but do a little in-chair groove session while you type.


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  1. Franklin Kool Aid

    O.K. Scooby, you’ve got me on a haiku roll now:

    What now Jeff Fisher?
    What is the excuse this time?
    A rebuilding year?

    Or perhaps:

    Hi, I’m Bud Adams.
    I love the Nashville tax base!
    Thank you Bredesen.

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