Another round?

I was at Wings sports bar in Birmingham tonight for the West Virginia-Louisville game, and some guy comes up and asks what I’m drinking. There’s an empty Corona bottle on the bar, but I simple deadpan, ‘Water,’ crack a smirk, and go back to watching the game. I’ve been covering volleyball for two days straight and have no desire for witty repartee with strangers at a bar. Does that make me a jerk? Maybe.

The volleyball is over, and tomorrow I move on to Auburn on the second leg of Sports Reporter Road Trip ’06. However, I’m thinking of making a side trip. Copeland is playing in Nashville to release their new album tomorrow night, and I’m thinking of driving up for the show. I have the day off, so it’s feasible, but then I still have to drive to Auburn Saturday morning early. And with traffic flowing from B’ham to the game in Auburn, it’s always a longer trip than you expect. Why, Copeland? Why couldn’t you wait two weeks? Oh well…there’s always Cornerstone.


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