Flush out bad music

So, apparently someone on ESPN Radio’s Dan Patrick Show is into good music. I heard the intro to Anberlin’s Paper Thin Hymn on the show the other day. The Anberlin boys aren’t what I would call completely obscure, but they aren’t in the mainstream either, unless I’ve missed something on pop radio…which is highly likely. To me, it smacks of what is so prevalent today: anyone, anywhere can get their hands on music that isn’t playing on the local rock station.

There’s a good and a bad side to this. Good unknown artists have a chance to get recognized, and in places like Nashville, good unsigned bands are everywhere. They deserve a chance to be heard. On the other hand, it also means any schmoe with a computer can flood their music out everywhere. I get at least five add requests a week from bands on Myspace. I sometimes listen out of curiosity, and I would say I’d have to get three weeks’ worth of requests to find one that was worth my time. I’m tempted to write every last one of them an e-mail telling them what I think about their so-called music, but I’m too nice to rail about their ca-ca offerings to the music toilet. There’s one thing to be said for working to improve your band’s sound and developing as artists. Just don’t put yourselves out there until someone besides your mom says that you don’t blow. In fact, make sure you have at least 100 strangers tell you what you are doing is good before peddling yourself to the public at large, and save me the trouble of deleting you.


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