Tree fix

Could I be any more nerdy? I employed my knowledge watching Neil the Florist decorate our house tree for years, and made the trees (TWO!) at work look pretty. I’m not really artistic, kids, my mom just never lets me decorate the tree at home anymore, so I have to get my thrills elsewhere. The occasion was made even more joyous by one large pre-lit tree. Because who wants to walk away from tree decorating with severe lacerations?

Here’s an exchange I had with one of the girls at work while I was decorating a music inspired tree—
Employee doing inventory: Ugh…I can’t stand artificial trees.
Me: Well, practically speaking, it’s probably best to have a fake one in the office.
Employee: (seeing me wrap lights around the 3-foot tree) Putting lights on the Christmas tree is the worst part. I hate doing that.
Me: Well, that is what’s so great about a pre-lit tree.
Employee: But I hate fake trees.

I could see this was going nowhere and quietly backed out of the conversation.


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