A yarn tale

Last year, I taught myself to knit. (Yep, ain’t I crafty?) I decided that there would be plenty of downtime to whip up some scarves and such. Of course, as soon as we got to sunny, humid Indonesia, I put that stuff away, because who can think about knitting wooly stuff when it’s 90 degrees outside.

But now I’m back in the relative cool of the United States – as if it really gets cold in Mobile – and I got the itch to knit again. (I think that was a pun.) Thankfully, I haven’t lost my skill. But here’s my problem: as of right now, the only thing I know how to make is a scarf, and I’m a little intimidated by the idea of jumping into a grander project. I’m nost scared of the yarn, per se, more like I know that if I get into it and I get frustrated by a sweater sleeve or a mitten thumb, I’ll chuck the whole thing out the door and the poor sweater or mitten will remain unknitted. Not to mention losing all the money I would spend on yarn to make such a thing.

So I guess I’ll be sticking to the good ole basic scarf for now. Unintimidating, and comforting.


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