Someone hand me my scepter

Since when did I become the organizing queen? I am up to my eyeballs in old high school photographs, dishes and newspapers, all in preparation of moving to California. I’m not usually one to put things into nice little coordinated boxes a la Martha Stewart, but I can only fit so much in the Escape, and now my dad is saying he would much rather make it look like I was “on vacation” rather than “The Clampetts.” I guess now is as good a time as any to get things into some semblance of order. The biggest revelation so far is that I had boxes tucked away that had nothing in them. Oh wait, add “worth keeping” to that. I opened one box, proceeded to pull out a couple of things I hadn’t seen in ages (“Hey! I’ve been looking for that metal Auburn vanity plate for ages!”) and put everything else in the charity pile. Sadly, this is a box I have had since COLLEGE, and I have toted it to about five different houses. And all this time, I could have thrown this stuff away and made room for my kewpie doll collection…


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