The road is calling my name

It’s 10:55 p.m., the night before my big move to California. My SUV is loaded down in the garage, complete with bike rack and Big Blue (my Townie) strapped to the back. It’s been a good six months living with my folks, but it is definitely time to get on the road.

Tonight we hit Guido’s, my favorite Mobile restaurant (it’s massively good Italian and seafood; I highly recommend the duck with whiskey sauce…..wait….). Then we came home and my dad, AKA, The PackMaster, started shoving things in my car. Originally, my parents wanted me to look like I was “on vacation,” but we all could have predicted how that would turn out. The saddest part of the evening was leaving all my books in their nice little crates for my mom to mail later. The funniest part of the night was watching my dad strap Big Blue to the car. Let’s just say that because of his innate packing skills, he likes things to be perfect. So when the bike is strapped and bungeed to the car, it’s still not ready. You have turn it upside down to make it even more stable. The re-bungee and strap. Voila! Now the tire is sticking up above the roof. Now what?

So get ready to hear from me this week as I get started on my road trip West. No telling what I might see!


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