Hey you! Be quiet!

Silence. Solitude. Two words that DO NOT describe me in any shape or form. Which made today’s Silence and Solitude Day a little rough. The object was to spend time talking to God, sitting in silence, journaling, and reading the Bible for five hours. Oh dear Jesus, I prayed, help me out here. I think I did OK, although around 2 o’clock, me, Val and Joel, the speaker for DTS this week, started sauntering toward each other and ended up in conversation. A quick check confirmed that we were all extraverts, obviously in need of “recharging” before plunging into our final hour of silence. I must say that the view, no matter where you stood, was spectacular. There were a couple of spots I would love to hike when I have more time…and when I’m not asked to be quiet for long periods of time.


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