A familiar sound

Do you remember music time in kindergarten? The teacher would hand out semi-musical objects of all shapes and sizes. Some got sticks (actually most got sticks in Alabama because they were the cheapest…), and if you were lucky, you got a toy drum or the ever-coveted triangle. *cue chorus of angels* And there was this one instrument that was a hollowed out piece of wood with a handle on it that you would hit with a stick. It made a hollow, clear sound, and it was always my favorite…if I couldn’t have the triangle.

Well, I’m sitting in my house, and I just heard a tapping that sounded just like that hollowed out instrument. But instead of taking me back to kindergarten, it took me to Southeast Asia. Food vendors on the street will tap on a hollow wooden object to let people know they are coming. Sort of like the ice cream man without “The Entertainer.” It struck me as odd to hear such a sound here in suburban California, but there it was, calling me back to other lands.


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