Truffle Shuffle

I stole this idea from this cool guy Newton Dominey who lives back in Nashville and makes good music. With that premise aside, I present my Monday Truffle Shuffle! (the first ten songs to scroll through in iTunes Party Shuffle….great fun….).

Evaline by Nickel Creek
Yesterday Tomorrow by Denison Witmer
The Simple Life by Sherwood
Your Redneck Past by Ben Folds
When in Rome by Nickel Creek
Cuckoo Spitting Blood by Anathallo
I Will Try by Eliot Morris
At the Cross by Hillsong
One Last “Woo-Hoo!” for the Pullman by Sufjan Stevens
Down Towards the Healing by Lovedrug


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One response to “Truffle Shuffle

  1. newton

    one last woo-hoo for the pullman might just be my favorite song title ever.

    i’ll have to check out some of the folks on your list…

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