A postie for the folksies

OK all you Alabama and Tennessee people who have been wondering where it is that I live, here it is. Chez Oceano, home of me, Cindy and Cody, along with whoever shows up at our door. A few mornings ago it was Bert, a homeless guy who knows a lot about flowers and Shakespeare. Last night, it was a random variety of friends for Family Dinner. With that, I give you…my home, in all it’s technicolor glory:

This is my room…in a decidedly clean state. Don’t even think that this is normal. Because we all know it’s not.

This is my kitchen with super-sticky cabinets, uneven countertops and sometimes-working stove (If you knock it just right…). The girls in the photo are superheroes Katie and Crystal, who helped us clean our house when we first moved in.

And finally, our living room, which is often filled with people. Most of the things you see here were given to us, or bought very cheaply. We now have a world map on the wall, and a picture of New York.

So there you go. Click the comment button below and leave me a message if you want!


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