Welcome back…

Once upon a time, I lived in Nashville, Tenn., and I was a happy girl. I used to meet with a bunch of sound guys and random folks at the Flying Saucer in Nashville every Monday. Beers would be drank, life would be hashed out. It was a motley crew, to be sure, but it was full of life and liveliness, and I loved it. And then I had to leave. If there was one thing I miss about Nashville, it would probably be those Monday nights at the Saucer, because I knew people were being real, and we were a community. When i left, I felt like a piece of me was going away. I have wanted those times back so badly. I’ve thought about them often since I’ve moved here, wondering when the moment would come – that moment when I find the life in a place that makes me want to stay.

I found it tonight on the porch. I went to some friends’ house, where they have a Bible study on the porch of their apartment complex. The group of people assembled there was one of the most diverse I’ve been a part of since I’ve moved to the Central Coast. The porch held marginal Catholics, strong believers, questioners, those jaded by the church – even a so-called missionary, although she lives in the States. ;0) We all shared a few beers and discussed the Bible. Sometimes loudly, other times with quiet conviction. There were moments of questioning, wondering how God can be so wrathful…and gracious. Emotions ran the gamut, but I can say without a doubt all of us walked away a little closer to God than when we came in. It was the most honest time I’ve had since moving here, and I appreciated it so deeply, I can’t even describe. I felt as if I got back my Saucer nights and then some. Welcome back, life! I’ve missed you.


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