Finding my voice again

It’s amazing how much you can dig up on the Internets these days. A few days ago, I got to thinking about my college days, and started looking up old friends. Much to my surprise, I found one particular person I haven’t spoken to since freshman year. It was odd, seeing a name there in black and white, clicking on a Website and finding the same sharp mind and undeniable talent you knew back then.

I sent an e-mail on a whim, and to my even greater surprise, I got a response. We keep writing back and forth, and oddly, this old friend has brought back some of the spark for writing that I used to have. I think I lost it somewhere along the way, between cynical reporters and dropping everything to run after a cause. I forgot what I do best, and why I do it. I’ve been struggling to get it back for some time now, and this seemingly random act has brought me full circle. Back to when I loved to write. Back to when I was young and stupid and believed I could do anything.

So K, if you’re reading this, thank you for helping me even though you didn’t know you were.


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