Boring me

My brain usually works pretty well. I always used to have things to write about, but lately it seems someone gave my brain some ADD medication it didn’t need. So now I’m all over the place, and I can never stay focused long enough to write anything longer than a paragraph. (Let me take a time out to say that I can’t believe I’ve written this much so far…)

So here’s a little brain drain to help me get out everything…maybe something interesting will come of it.

* I’ve been in Montana all week for a conference, and whatever conception I had off Montana, it did not involve sultry weather. But it’s been pretty warm here, into the upper eighties and even nineties. They don’t really have a need for air conditionin 90% of the year, so they don’t have it. Enter us, on the two weeks of the year when it is needed. Lovely.
* A good solution to Montana heat is jumping in a freezing lake, so that’s what we did.
* Through this experience, Cindy and I discovered that we are sorely out of shape. The three square meals they serve us here don’t help, since we usually eat less and less frequently at home, depending on our degree of laziness. It’s nice having people cook for you, but dag, I’d gain 20 pounds in a matter of months if I lived here.

Thus, my thoughts for the moment. Nothing exciting, but what to do?


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  1. Kenny

    Oooh Big Sky.

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