Well, grunt, grunt, hello to you too!

For the last three weeks or so, I have been searching for a new house in San Luis Obispo. No, I’m not mad at my current roommates; we just have new staff coming in a couple of weeks, and we need a place for them. So far, the process has been painful and not very much fun, but I am trusting that God will bring something in His timing.

During this housing crisis, I have talked with just about every major property management company in town. There seems to be a common theme developing with all of them…There are some seriously disgruntled front desk workers in the realm of rentals. Here is a common exchange between me and the surly secretaries:
Me: Yes, I’m calling about 1234 Elm Street.
Surly Secretary: (silence)
Me: Is it still available for rent?
SS: *grunt* Um, I’m not sure.
Me: Oh, OK. Can you look it up for me, please?
SS: (With barely concealed resentment) I’ll have to call you back.
*Phone slams*

Maybe it’s just me, but the last time I checked, I’m renting something from you. Which should lend itself to courtesy being extended to interested renters, even if you do earn minor ducats at a thankless job in a college town. I’m just saying.


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